Sunday, 26 July 2009

Over the past couple of weeks I feel like I have done a lot but just not actually got anywhere!! Maybe it is my lack of photography so I feel I haven't got alot to show you.

I did pay a visit to a few of the open houses in Worthing and I have to say 'The Lavender House' was my favourite. The house was beautiful and all the work exquisite but my visit was short, (thanks to the little man on one arm!) and I didn't manage to get any pics but I was very glad to have had a little look.
I have also managed to make a few lavender bags which I have been meaning to do for a long time, now all I have to do is sell them!

Last Wednesday I went to the Antiques market in Ardingly, I was in paradise! Stall after stall of lace, buttons, vintage fabrics, just everything and anything old and everything I love. I could of spent ten years there!

I didn't come away with much a tall although I did purchase this beautiful French fabric from a really lovely stall. They had piles of French fabrics and linens and some they had put in ornate painted frames, I thought how simple yet so effective!

Just one more of my exciting buys recently was this sewing basket from the Car Boot sale. It had a label on it saying £3 for basket and contents. I didn't care too much for the basket but when I saw the cluster of tiny black buttons which I would have paid more than £3 for alone, I snapped them all up and went off home to have a better rummage!!


  1. Those lavender bags are delightful - so pretty.
    Cal x

  2. The lavender bags are gorgeous!! Love that lovely lace trimming on them! You could open a blogshop in time possibly.
    Great little basket you found,& that French lace is beautiful!

    Sharon xx

  3. I am off too work in a min…but I wanted to thank you for your lovely comment! I will pop back tonight to have a good read of your blog.

    I love your lavender bags…love Lou xxx

  4. Bags are delish - just been led here from your Folksy shop - FAB!

    I too would've bought the basket of sewing supplies (turns and looks over shoulder mmmm not that I need any more...)



Oscar by the seaside.

Oscar by the seaside.