Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Cowboys from Cath

Look at this beauty!! The girls and I all clubbed together to buy a gift for our oh so pregnant friend (she doesn't do blogging so I am safe to share this with you) and we decided Cath was the lady to turn to for help. I love it!!!

She is convinced she is having a little boy so its just perfect. Cath Kidston's shop is down the lanes in a little old building and of course its beautiful but luckily for my purse I couldn't get round the shop with the pram!!


  1. The cowboy print is great fun isn't it? I liked the showjumping one too but they've discontinued it.

    i'm sure your friend will love her gift!


  2. Hi
    I have just found your lovely blog through Ludabelle.
    We have just come back from 2 days in Worthing and have fallen in love with all the buildings there! I had a mad dash around the costume displays in the museum today, how I wish I'd had longer.
    Your lavender bags are so pretty!

  3. I would definitely recommend the costume gallery and the current re-works exhibition in Worthing if you are out that way.
    Lisa x


Oscar by the seaside.

Oscar by the seaside.